Feature Antique Collecting Magazine May 2023

Stephanie Connell Interview – Antique Collecting Magazine ‘Trade Talks’ May 2023


Stephanie Connell Interview with Antique Collecting Magazine, May 2023

Earlier this month, I spoke to Antique Collecting Magazine for their ‘Trade Talks’ feature.

I discussed my 20 years in the industry with them, my thoughts on the future as well as my business and stock.

 Feature Antique Collecting Magazine May 2023

They posed some really interesting questions. I thought I would share one (and my answer):

‘What is the unique appeal of antiques and vintage?’.

“For me it’s the combination of history and great design. I deal in a lot of pieces which have interesting provenance – to know you own a piece which has played a part in historical events or was executed by an important artist of designer is astonishing to me. If you buy an antique or vintage piece you too become part of its history. I try to provide as much information as I can with the pieces I sell, so buyers can imagine the time and place they were created.”  

If you would like to read the article in full please use this link: Stephanie Connell Interview – Antique Collecting Magazine

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