AIR MINISTRY: A rare preliminary safety poster concept design for RAF Jet Pilots “Concentration is Vital – Don’t Day-Dream”, 1940s

AIR MINISTRY: A rare original preliminary poster design for the Air Ministry – Deputy Directorate of Accident Prevention.

The poster design titled “Concentration Is Vital – Don’t Day-Dream”. Created 1940s, artist/ designer unknown. The poster design features two Gloster Meteor type jet fighters mid air. Painting in gouache on artists board with corresponding paper cover/ protective overlay.

The cover providing  Air Ministry code and details “Poster No 10/48 “Concentration”, the property of the Deputy Directorate of Accident Prevention, ROOM 802, Air Ministry, Princes House, Kingsway”.  Further details to tracing paper overlay in pencil “John Kidd offset inks” and various further instructions on colour to the printer. The reverse with additional detail “Designed by: High”. 

Dimensions 51 x 38cm


The Gloster Meteor

The Gloster Meteor was the first British fighter jet and the only RAF jet aircraft to see action during the Second World War. George Carter, who began development in 1940, building on technology developed by George Whittle during the 1930s, designed the craft. The Gloster Meteor began operational service in 1944, and was earmarked to combat the German V1 aircraft. Allied victory and destruction of V1 flight sites meant the aircraft undertook only limited action during WWII.

The fighter planes pioneering design resulted in it immediately breaking record. Able to fly at over 600mph, the Meteor broke the air speed record initially in 1945 and again in 1946 (previously 469mph).

Post-war the Meteor was the standard jet fighter of the RAF. The aircraft could be unstable and suffered a high accident rate (pilots even dubbed it “The Meat Box”). By the 1950s the Meteor was being supersede by fighter jets with improved design (particularly using a swept wing).

The Gloster Meteor was no longer manufactured after 1955, although the jet remained in service with the RAF until the 1980s.

For more information see The Jet Age Museum website visit the Royal Air Force Museum

A number of similar Air Ministry pieces are included in our collection, see AIR MINISTRY: A rare original preliminary Jet Engine poster design for the Deputy Directorate of Accident Prevention, 1940s

Dimensions: 51 x 38cm


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Condition Report: In excellent overall condition some rounding to corners and minor damage to covers otherwise good.

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